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Visualizing information propels businesses: two scenarios

By Visualizing information propels businesses: two scenarios


Earlier Mark Sedney delved into the question of how visualizations can help consultants in their work with clients (article in Dutch). Also, we described advantages of visualizing your customer journey. There are many more situations in which visual communication can be helpful in improving a company’s ability to transmit their message.


In this blog we describe two other scenarios in which visualizing information can aid companies in achieving their goals.


Visualization as explanation for your online tool or software

Suppose: you have launched a new online tool or new software and are looking to increase your number of users. The service you’re offering is innovative and you are in line with customer demand. But you’re not the only player in your branche, there is a multitude of companies which have built up a name for themselves with their tools and software. A simple Google-search shows the considerable amount of competition in your branche, for example IT software:

IT_Software_searchEN copy

Between numerous competing pages, you can attract attention with an inviting, visual story


Worldwide, in 2015 a whopping $310 billion was spent on IT software (source: Accelerance, “Global IT Market Size: Facts and Figures”). To build or increase a market share, you will have to draw the attention of possible customers and let them realize why they should choose for your offer. However, it’s hard to communicate your message with large chunks of text; the average internet user hasn’t exactly become more patient. So what do you do?


Implement the power of visualizations to explain your online tool or software in a clear, concise fashion. By visualizing your explanation and using relevant, brief pieces of text you can communicate your message in an insightful and attractive way, so that potential clients understand they need your service. Watch an example of a visualized online crowdsourcing tool, or watch an example of how new IT software can be introduced visually.


Visualize to promote your programme

Another scenario: you have launched a new social and/or economical programme and are undertaking several kinds of actions to promote your programme. However, in this scenario you’re also not the only player on the market. To make a success out of your project, you not only need to have a clear idea of your story, but also of how to communicate your story to people that are possibly interested in working with you. How do you reach your target audience with your ideas?


Connect with your audience by adapting your message to the way human brains are structured. It is proven that the brain processes visual information much more quickly than text. Watch an example of visualizations for a programme on women leadership.


Want to better reach your target audience?

We gladly help you to better reach your audience of interest. Together we will make sure your message comes across as intended. Contact us for an inspiring meeting, or enroll for the workshop to learn more about our process behind visualizations.

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