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When It Comes to a Customer Journey, Make It Visual!


Customer journey is to marketing and sales what peanut butter is to jelly: its indispensable partner in crime. And by crime I mean success. Clear understanding of a person’s step-by-step experience as a customer is paramount in any marketing plan.
The plethora of internal and external benefits from investing in understanding and improving the customer journey is astounding. It provides more insight into the various facets of the sales process, which ultimately leads to a larger and happier customer population as well as substantially increased sales.
For companies, it can be challenging to translate customer insights into a clear narrative with the entirety of your company and other stakeholders. According to PPG’s Business Insight Manager Femke Kuiper, the data obtained from their research was often only used by the marketing department, while the whole organization should provide from them. After testing various methods of sharing key info with the whole company, they concluded that spreading an infographic and an animation was most effective.

“We first came in contact with VisualizeMe when a research partner introduced us to each other. We look back on a pleasant collaboration and we are happy with the result. The videos are used very often and everyone appreciates them. We originally thought we would only use them for internal meetings, but they have proved their external value as well.”

“The videos helped our organisation to think alike about our target group, which helped a lot during client meetings. New and current clients are often impressed by our knowledge of the customers. The animations contribute to effective meetings and by that they showed their great value. Because of that, we are pleased with the visualization of the customer journey. It really communicates the essence of our investigation in a clear way. That’s why we’ve asked VisualizeMe to visualize the results of the next research again.”

There are two clear steps in creating an effective customer journey.

1. Direct your research towards what your customers do and think during the sales process—this will allow you to eliminate potential barriers.
2. Inform the important stakeholders (internal and external) of your results via a clear visual story—and stress the need to take proactive, energetic steps towards implementing the findings from the research.


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